Michael Winters

Helping Individuals and Families retire to vitality.

About Me

I’m so glad you’re motivated to make retirement the most meaningful time in your life. Here’s a little about me. I’ve worked for over 35 years first as a teacher, a speaker, a psychologist, and a retirement transition coach. I’ve given numerous lectures and workshops and consult with various firms and people about how to make retirement something bigger than just the golf links (although there should definitely be time for that too.) I retired as director of the Rice University Counseling Center in 2011. I’ve since built my own business as a counselor and retirement coach. I’ve been honored to lead many professional organizations related to psychology and the search for life’s meaning, as a former director of the Rice University Counseling Center, president of the Houston Psychological Association, and Board member of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy (a meaning centered approach to life). l love teaching and telling stories. In fact I’m a Moth Story Slam champion, but my proudest achievement by far is being a grandfather.

Why Dr. Winters?

  • Over 30 years experience as a psychologist, teacher, and trainer
  • Award-winning Speaker and Storyteller
  • Available for live or virtual presentations, training, and coaching
  • Certified Virtual Presenter

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