A happy retirement is about much more than finances.  How emotionally prepared are you for this new journey? Whether you’ve recently retired or you’re beginning to wind down your career: take our RAMP Assessment for insight into how ready you are for this third phase of life and strategies for making this the most meaningful chapter yet.  

Looking for a meaningful path in retirement?

Retirement is something we all look forward to, but once we get there many of us struggle with the transition. After the farewell party and goodbye lunches, what will your average day look like now that you’re not on the clock? Retirees often complain that their identity is wrapped up in their careers. Now that you’re no longer working you may feel adrift with no focus, alone, and isolated. Maybe you’re planning on enjoying a hobby more frequently or spending more time with your children. However, there is a limit to how much golf you can play before you long for other distinct connections. Your kids may be thrilled to see you more often, but does that mean you’ll be seeing them every day? Every week? Every month? Will your spouse also be retiring with you? Or are they still going into the office? What if you’re single? How can you nurture and maintain your sense of self, your family, and your community as you transition to this next stage in life?

Retire to something bolder

For most of us, our work defines us. Work provides an income, arranges our schedules, provides us with an identity, and much--if not most--of our social connections. The transition from work to retirement is a significant change. The prevailing advice we receive, from the first professional job onwards, is to make a financial plan for retirement. However, few have been encouraged to develop a plan for the non-financial realities of retirement. We seem to believe that if we have the financial means to retire, the rest will take care of itself. Financial security alone will not guarantee a successful or fulfilling retirement.

I'm Dr. Winters

I’m so glad you’re motivated to make retirement the most meaningful time in your life. Here’s a little about me. I’ve worked for over 35 years first as a teacher, a speaker, a psychologist, and a retirement transition coach. I’ve given numerous lectures and workshops and consult with various firms and people about how to make retirement something bigger than just the golf links (although there should definitely be time for that too.) I retired as director of the Rice University Counseling Center in 2011. More...>

Dr. Michael Winters

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